Toy animals in Perm. Cubism.

One of the weekend was a near-cultural — visited the Museum of Modern Art PERMM. And there are many, many things, but the most memorable — something that on the second floor … The project «CUBISM» the authors of the famous red creatures pleased. Cubic animals reminded of my childhood, cubes, of which going to worlds. Can not smile without looking at the little yellow … Продолжить чтение Toy animals in Perm. Cubism.

Chuikova Street

Volgograd — the city where I was born and raised. I lived there until 2009. Volgograd — very beautiful city. I’m sorry for the tourists there is little being done, even though the tourists have to see: the famous Mamaev Kurgan, beautiful squares and streets in the city center, promenade, museums and theaters. I love this place and be sure to arrange a great photowalk … Продолжить чтение Chuikova Street

Free view of the roof at night Perm

All cities in the world are changing, if they watch from a bird’s flight. All cities in the world are different, and when the view from above is accompanied by a dark sky and shining lights of the windows and streets. Perm looks different when you look at it from 15 floors. In winter this spectacle is especially beautiful: the nights are not as bright … Продолжить чтение Free view of the roof at night Perm