Vyazma Team «Rus» in Perm

The team was founded in 1987. To start flights Vyazemskiy Aviacenter was granted ten L-39 jets. In August 1987 group takes part in the military parade. It was the first public performance of the new pilotage team, which was watched by 800 thousands of visitors. Soon the program of the team was improved and developed. The squadron started to perform in numerous celebrations and events. … Продолжить чтение Vyazma Team «Rus» in Perm

Green Bird

The Antonov An-2 (Russian nickname: кукуру́зник kukuruznik — a maize worker (inherited from Polikarpov Po-2)) also nicknamed «Annushka»; is a single-engine biplane utility/agricultural aircraft designed in the USSR from 1946. The An-2 is used as a light utility transport, parachute drop aircraft, agricultural work and many other tasks suited to this large slow-flying biplane. Its slow flight and good field performance make it suited for … Продолжить чтение Green Bird